Student Support Services Program

UH Maui College

Pai Ka Mana – Student Support Services Program Application

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*** Eligibility for program pending until application is approved by SSSP Director. ***



  1. Copy of Social Security Card
  2. Latest federal tax forms if filed (1040, 1040A or 1040EZ)
  3. Picture ID (e.g. Driver’s License, State ID)


University of Hawaii Maui College student seeking an associate’s degree and transferring to 4 year baccalaureate degree

You are:

  • First in your family to work towards a Bachelor’s degree (parent(s) has not received a Bachelor’s degree) AND/OR
  • Considered “low-income” AND/OR
  • Disabled and registered with UHMC’s Disabilities Coordinator.
  • You have an academic need (as determined by Pai Ka Mana Staff)
  • You are currently enrolled or have a placement of MATH 18 or higher and ENG 22 or higher
  • You are currently enrolled on a full-time basis (12 or more credits per semester)
  • You DO NOT currently have an associates and/or bachelor’s degree


We offer a variety of services to support you in achieving your academic and personal goals. We look forward to your participation!

  • Student Interest Groups (SIGs) – Students are grouped together by majors to form connections that can provide support and help through their college career. Academic, social, cultural activities, and mentoring are offered through SIGs.
  • Academic Advising – Pai Ka Mana provides assistance in making informed decisions about academic issues and setting short and long-range goals.
  • Instruction in Study Skills – We offer workshops on time management, goal setting, note taking, test taking strategies, stress management, memory improvement, and campus resources identification.
  • Career Planning Assistance – We are committed to supporting students in developing focused and achievable career goals.
  • Personal Counseling – Academic Support Specialists also provide personal counseling to all program students. They are able to address issues such as family pressures, relationship problems, ill health, recovery from substance abuse, job demands, and any other stressors that one may experience.
  • Tutorial Assistance – UHMC’s Learning Center (TLC) provides a variety of tutoring needs. Pai Ka Mana is also able to offer individual or small group tutoring as well.
  • Mentoring Program – Through SIGs, mentoring will be specific to majors. Community members will be involved to provide guidance and support for eligible students.
  • Financial Aid Assistance – Pai Ka Mana works closely with the UHMC’s Financial Aid office. Personnel from the financial aid office will work with Pai Ka Mana students in securing and maintaining adequate financial assistance to meet their financial needs.
  • Supplemental Grant Aid – As an additional financial support, Pai Ka Mana is able to provide additional financial assistance to qualifying Pell Grant recipients.
  • Individualized Educational Plans – Every student in the Pai Ka Mana program will work with the Academic Support Specialist to form their own unique educational plan. This plan specifies the steps to achieve the student’s academic goals.
  • Academic Progress Monitoring and Intervention – Academic Support Specialists help to ensure that when one of our students encounter difficulties, immediate action is taken to provide intervention and appropriate support services.
  • Transfer Services – We will help to facilitate each students’ completion of the AA Liberal Arts Degree and transfer to a four-year college or university.
  • Mobile Lab – Pai Ka Mana is able to loan out laptop computers, scientific calculators, and digital voice recorders to students to assist in their academic success.
  • Academic/Social Skills/Career Building Workshops – Specific academic, social skills, and career building workshops will be offered to Pai Ka Mana students. The workshops goal will be to provide support, guidance, and to enhance the college experience.
  • Manoa Experience – Once a year, Pai Ka Mana will take up to 25 transfer eligible students to either U.H. Manoa or U.H. Hilo to tour the campus, speak with faculty, and gain a better understanding of being at a university campus.

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